Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Debunking the electric car will never catch on argument.

Many times I hear the statement that electric cars won't catch on because you cannot jump in and drive across the country. People who follow electric car development have heard this argument time and again. The reason this position is not valid is that it is not an either-or situation.

Unanimous agreement and implementation is not necessary for the product to be a success. That is like arguing peanut butter and jelly vs. tuna fish as if whatever conclusion you draw will be the only thing you and your neighbors will be able to eat for the rest of your lives. Each consumer has an individual need and other choices will still remain.

I can tell you right now, my next car will be electric or, at the very least, a plug in hybrid. And when I make that purchase, I will have no fear about long trips either because I know that I can easily rent a gas burning car for those trips with minimal hassle. Better yet, I can take a bus, train or plane and then rent another electric car or hybrid when I get there. With the money I will save on fuel and maintenance over a gas burning car, the rental fee will be a drop in the bucket.

There is an old saying: "nobody likes change, except for a wet baby". This explains the large divide between people who think in terms of what is possible versus the people who think in terms of giving up what is familiar. Whichever of these people you are, I can assure you of one thing. Change is coming. And, with the fuel prices skyrocketing, we all have to decide just how much we will pay to resist the future.

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